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Our Mission

The Centre for Commonwealth Affairs is a pan-Commonwealth think tank based in Westminster, working with partners and members across the Commonwealth. 

Our research focuses on global issues, drawing on global ideas and global perspectives. From trade and security to education and the digital divide, the Commonwealth has an increasingly important role to play in rising to the challenges of the modern world. 

We rely on the support of those who value what we do - please consider signing up for membership or donating today. 


Our Advisory Board

The Latest From Our Blog

Dr. Liam Fox MP
Fmr. Sec. of State for
International Trade


Lord Howell
Fmr. Sec. of State for
Transport, Energy


Lord Kamall
Chair, Commonwealth APPG

Wendy Morton MP 
Fmr. Chief Whip

The Centre's advisory board supports our work and helps to
guide our focus, bringing together political, business, and
diplomatic expertise from across the Commonwealth.

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Our Work


An Entirely New Conception: the Commonwealth Today and Tomorrow 
Sam Bidwell and Jonathan Heywood, with an introductory essay by Lord Howell of Guildford (March 2023)

Introducing the Centre for Commonwealth Affairs, 'An Entirely New Conception' makes a case for a renewed and revitalised Commonwealth policy effort, setting out the Centre's long term aims and ambitions. 

Click the cover to download a digital copy. Physical copies available upon request; please email


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